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Manufacturer of Engineered Control Solutions for Heat Exchange

Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solution that saves energy and money. For over 60 years we have designed and manufactured innovative:

As the most trusted refrigeration and heat transfer solutions in the world, when a system requires flow control valves to hold precise refrigerant temperature and pressure control through a wide range of operating conditions, maintaining peak operating efficiency, successful project managers and engineers turn to Metrex Valve.

  • Nuclear HVAC

    Reliable design is job one in the Nuclear Power industry. Metrex Valve has highly developed design and test capabilities to ensure a solution that works. Metrex Pressure Actuator Valves are ideal for both raw water and closed loop treated water. For over 40 years Metrex Valve has provided custom cooling valves and flow control valves to the nuclear industry.
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  • Engineering Experience

    No matter how unique your needs are for Pressure Actuator Valves, Thermostatic Actuator Valves, HVAC Water Regulating Valves, Electric Actuator Valves or Condenser Seawater Regulator Valves; Metrex Valve has the right people and design to ensure the best refrigeration or heat transfer solution.
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  • Military Marine

    Metrex Seawater Condenser Regulating Valves are offered with Pressure Actuators and Electric Actuators and are fully qualified for US Navy use. Seawater resistant, our solutions deliver precise flow control over a wide variety of load and seawater temperature. Metrex Valve offers optimized lift vs Cv opening characteristics for better performance at high turn down ratios.
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  • Process Control

    Whether a manufacturing process requires Pressure Actuator Valves or Thermostatic Actuator Valves for precise refrigeration or heat transfer, Metrex flow control valves handle the widest range of operating load and condition. Our Pressure Actuator Valves or Thermostatic Actuator Valves offer set and forget reliability.
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