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Manufacturer of Engineered Control Solutions for Heat Exchange

Metrex Valve delivers a completely self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solution that saves energy and money. For over 60 years we have designed and manufactured innovative:

As the most trusted refrigeration and heat transfer solutions in the world, when a system requires flow control valves to hold precise refrigerant temperature and pressure control through a wide range of operating conditions, maintaining peak operating efficiency, successful project managers and engineers turn to Metrex Valve.

Innovation in High Pressure Regulating Valves for HVAC

Metrex Valve USA is the leading manufacturer and specialist for water regulating HVAC valve technology. In addition to our wide selection of valves that operate with conventional refrigerants, we have mastered high performing R410a water regulating valve rated at 650 PSI refrigerant pressure. Furthermore, our R410a actuators are designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL 207.

High Pressure Regulating Valves for HVAC
High-Pressure Refrigerants Valves

Key features include: (create icons for all four points)

  • Self-contained & powered – no need for additional programable controllers
  • Set and forget reliability
  • Space advantage – ditch any external devices and large operators
  • Sizing for all types of applications

Designed for just about any application be it buildings or ships, our modular valves are designed with robust, maintenance free refrigerant actuators that last. This makes us the leading conventional and high-pressure HVAC valve manufacturer in the USA.


Commercial HVAC

High Water, High Refrigerant Pressure, R410A

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Naval Marine

Navy Qualified and Trusted For Over 65 Years

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Commercial Marine

Set and Forget Reliability for fresh and Seawater

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Nuclear HVAC Valves

Reliable Heat Exchange Solutions For HVAC

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