Commercial Marine HVAC Valves

US Navy Qualified Solutions For Commercial Marine Customers

Metrex five families of Condenser Seawater Regulator Valves offer a broad range of two-way and three-way solutions for marine applications. Seawater resistant, our solutions deliver precise flow control over a wide variety of load and seawater temperature. Our Marine Valves offer optimized lift vs Cv opening characteristics for better performance at high turn down ratios. This offers precise control over a wide range of seawater temperature and loads.

Metrex Valve delivers a complete self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solution. We offer custom designs and products made in a wide variety of materials to handle a wide range of environments. Proven operating and seal technologies deliver “set and forget” integrity and reliability. All valves are fully supported with spare parts for easy maintenance

Series / Model Valve Size Solution
Whole Ship - Large 2.5" plus
Whole Ship - Mid-Size 1" to 2.5"
Small Shipboard 3/8" to 1.5"
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